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News Through Time and Space is a fan-run Doctor Who blog.

We first opened on 20th July 2009 (with a much more simple design which you can see in the left sidebar) and covered all Doctor Who news; from merchandise to filming. We had a good few months and everything went well. We even had a contest at Halloween with great prizes!
However, we sadly had to close in December.

We then reopened with a brand new look and many new pages in March 2010 just in time for Series Five of Doctor Who. We no longer cover filming which means this is a spoiler-free blog! Anyone can visit safe in the knowledge that they won`t read any spoilers! Only official news makes it onto this blog! We now have everything you could possibly want! As well as lots of news here on the blog, we have links to other Doctor Who sites, we have an interactive calendar to keep you up to date with important Doctor Who dates and upcoming merchandise, we have reviews and we even have a Twitter page so you can easily stay up to date with the news!

We aim to bring you all of the latest news as it happens from the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures.

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